Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Blue Nile

Address: 9400 Richmond

Site: bluenilerestaurant.com

Notes: You need Ethiopian food in your life. The vegetarian combo is a big sampler of veganness. It's great for sharing. Tear off a piece of injera & scoop up your food. The waitresses are very nice about fielding questions, too.


catotem said...

I love this place. Bring friends and get the coffee ceremony for dessert! They bring out incense, a big bowl of freshly popped popcorn, and coffee from green coffee beans. The mead is also good if you eat honey.

Craig? said...

I still like Aster's in Austin better, pretty much only for their Fasolia Wott, but this place is pretty damn tasty. I quite liked it.

giadelosmuertos said...

Ate here tonight and it was stellar! The menu has a vegan/vegetarian section and the waitresses are very knowledgeable about the vegan diet. The food came out quick and was amazing, the injera soft and supple. GET THE VEGAN PLATTER. It's so very much worth it.

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