Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bhojan Vegetarian

Address: 5901 Hillcroft Ste. B1

Site: bhojanusa.com

Notes: Open again on Hillcroft!  They will happily point out what is vegan.


s said...

Went in mid-late Dec. 2011; good experience overall. They were able to tell me what did/dind't have dairy (knew the definition of vegan), and even had some vegan roti & other bread brought out. It looks like it's a buffet-only setup, though when I went most of the dishes were dairy-free. (maybe 70-75%). Nice folks, good food. If you're not familiar with the area, the place may be a bit hard to find if you haven't checked a map/google earth photo first; not the fanicest hotel, but the restaurant is cool.

s said...

Unfortunately, feel I need to update my review, as my last visit was truly the –last- for me. After filling a tray at the buffet line, I turned around to grab one more curry, and noticed one of the owners apparently tasting one of the steam tray items with the serving spoon; she then put the same spoon back into the item. Therefore, I paid, left, and decided that was it. I can overlook the occasional minor cleanliness issue (and have), but that one was too blatant as far as I’m concerned. I’m vegan and love to dine out when I can, but that one was too much; it’s really disappointing for me, since it’s not particularly easy to find much vegan Indian food.

nicole said...

Open on hillcroft now...

If you have recommendations or conflicting info, email me at craigandvera@gmail.com


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