Tuesday, January 1, 2008


8383 Westheimer

Site: fadiscuisine.com

Notes: The vegetarian sampler is easily made vegan with a request for no cheese. There is a lot here & all offerings have ingredients listed.

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Ruthie said...

OMG I love Fadi's.

One of the employees at the Meyerland location is vegan and all of the employees I've dealt with know what it means.

Not cheap by any means, but if you consider you can eat two meals worth of food for $8, it's a bit like Pepper tree. I told my folks it's like Mediterranean Luby's. Grab a tray, line up at the bar, grab a basket of pita chips and tell em you want a vegan sampler.

You can get hummus, baba ganoush, the worlds best cabbage salad, cucumber salad, fattoush, lentil salad, fresh pita baked in their fire oven (you can choose whole wheat sugar free pita, too) plus a hot plate of potatoes, rice, okra, eggplant, green beans and more.

So so so good.

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