Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Field of Greens

2320 W. Alabama


Pescetarian restaurant with lots of vegan options. Also some raw entrees. Vegan mayo & margarine upon request.


jG said...

This place is awesome! I worked there for a second and can verify. If you ask for it vegan they will give it to you vegan. The owner is vegan. She does sell a fish dish though. Still confused by that one.

Marionette said...

The atmosphere of the establishment was quite professional and well kept, it was impressive. Almost all of the menu consisted of vegan dishes, except for a marked non-vegan section. The number of options was overwhelming! If it was closer to home I would go there more often. They serve imitation dishes, such as pseudo burgers, but also offer dishes that are openly centered on vegan based ingredients, such as falafel and pita bread.I defiantly suggest visiting this location, even to non-vegan patrons. Don't let the word "vegan" turn you away, allow it to entice curiosity!

Unknown said...

Great Place! I love that not all of their vegan options revolve around Tofu and soy. The spicy tamales are amazing and don't get me started on the Eggplant Parmesan.

This place is my husband and my staple for Friday night date night.

Also grab a vegan cupcake!

Anonymous said...

My plate was badly chipped, the salad was so wet there was a pool of water underneath. No one is checking the food before it goes out. Eat vegan and hoped the food would be good. I will try again to give them another chance.

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