Tuesday, January 1, 2008


3745 Greenbriar

Site: freebirds.com

Notes: The wheat tortillas contain dairy. No other surprises here. The bell peppers tend to be rubbery. Otherwise, massive burritos rock.


jG said...

This place is alright.

Anonymous said...

I like Chipotle much better.

Anonymous said...

OH I didn't know the wheat tortillas at Freebirds contained dairy, as that's what I get with my vegan burrito every time I go!
What about the guacamole totillas?

Wes said...

Hi, Lisamarie. Here's the allergy info from their site if you want more detail on their ingredients. freebirds.com/AllergyR.pdf

Anonymous said...

This place rocks! They have the best Vegan Mexican food in the city. Aztecas, almost right across the street, doesn't even compare.
They make all their ingredients fresh everyday. Their food is MUCH lower in fat and calories than Chipotle. Even if you're not watching your weight Chipotle packs enormous amounts of sodium, fat, and calories into their food. Don't get the whole wheat tortilla it's the only non-vegan thing on the menu other than meat, cheese or sour cream. Not to mention you can order on-line and have skip the line in the restaurant. I know burrito lovers all like one of the three Houston burrito places better than others, but consider this:

Where else can you get a Vegan meal for less than $6. I never drink anything but water so water is more and if you are going to indulge in chips and a drink you're looking at $9 but still a Vegan dinner for less than $10? That's a good deal in my book.

My only complaint is the lack of grilled mushrooms as protein option. That would make Freebirds untouchable.

Anonymous said...

Whoops! I meant anything BUT water is more. Sorry about that. Freebirds does not charge for water.

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