Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pine Forest Garden

Address: 9108 Bellaire


 Vegetarian (some "meats" have whey powder) Chinese food specializing in mock meats and a lunch buffet. Delicious and SUPER cheap.


Anonymous said...

Best fake meats I've ever had!

jG said...

This place is pretty good. I love the neighborhood and the grocery stores. Stop by for Pine Forest for lunch then pick up some mock meats at a nearby market.

Anonymous said...

We eat there pretty often. Love the veggie seaweed w/shark fin soup as well as the won ton soup. The "chicken" nuggets are really good as is the radish cake-- two thumbs up for that! The radish cakes is one of my favorite dishes, even if it is an appetizer. Also really, really good-- orange peel chicken, seafood udon noodles, tofu sheets with mustard greens, and "duck" with napa cabbage.

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