Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Loving Hut Ⓥ

Address: 2825 S. Kirkwood Rd Houston Texas 77082


Notes: ALL VEGAN Chinese restaurant with some American options. Largest vegan restaurant chain on the planet.


Anonymous said...

Our absolutely favorite asian vegan restaurant. Very affordable. Everything is under 8 bucks. Beats Jennys Noodle House & Pepper Tree by a mile. Stick with the asian inspred choices and you cant go wrong. Delicious! The drinks are amazing too. Very relaxing zen atmosphere. This place helped both my husband & I stay vegan. Gotta try it! Highly recommend!

Anonymous said...

Since becoming vegan this is by far my favorite place ever. The food is so yummy and the service is speedy and they are always so polite. You cant beat the price either.

s said...

Went about 2 weeks ago (April 2012). Clean interior and the folks seemed nice. It looks like a more casual order-at-counter setup. Everything on the menu is vegan, so it makes the research easy, though they didn’t have all the dessert items available when I was there. Food was presented nicely, though it seemed the portions were a bit small considering the price on the higher-end items. For taste, I’d say it’s ok, but does not justify the extra 10-15 miles I had to drive from work to get out there (definitely not worth a 40+ mile drive from the house). Kind of reminded me of the general vegetable-stir-fry item often found on non-veg Chinese restaurant menus; edible, but not worth the day-trip to get there or the price (maybe I just got the wrong items). There is a lot of pro-vegan stuff o the walls as well as satellite TV; didn’t bother me as I’ve been vegan for 10+ years, but I could see it making some non-vegetarian or new/potential converts uncomfortable.

Mrs. Cook said...

My husband and I went today for our 25th wedding anniversary. Since we are new to being vegetarian, I suggested to go to Loving Hut vegan restaurant. This restaurant is in West Houston. It is in a safe environment in the vicinity of West Houston Hospital, Walmart, Lowes, HEB and Whole Foods. Once you enter the casual, clean restaurant, you go to the counter to order and pay. They will help you choose which menus are customers' favorite. My husband ordered Seaweed Ocean that looked and tasted like a delicious grilled fish. I ordered Golden Beauty. It tasted like crispy, spicy chicken nuggets. It tasted better than the real chicken nuggets. For drinks and dessert, I had the Ice Mumbai Tea and carrot cake since the silk plan cake was out. The carrot cake was OK but the Ice Mumbai tea was so delicious that I will order 2 glasses next time I go there. My husband ordered banana cake and Happy Go Lucky. His banana cake was also OK but his drink was emptied quickly too because he liked it. We will be back to eat. The place is clean and casual, the staff are polite and the service was quick. Best of all, the menu selections are healthy and affordable. Thank you for serving Houston a vegan restaurant.
Mrs. Cook

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