Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Green Seed Vegan Ⓥ

Address: 4320 Almeda (Corner of Almeda and Wheeler)


Notes: Houston's newest ALL VEGAN restaurant! Half the menu is cooked, the other half is a
ll the way live, yo. Don't want bread? Substitute a collard wrap! I'm in love.


ablyss gillespie said...

Yes, oh yes!!! This is the place to be for true vegan lovers! i have ate here since the first day it opened and it is excellent. The smoothies, dessert as well as every dish on the menu is great and yes affordable!

filipino women said...

I am a not a vegetarian... And I don't really like those mock meat that I had in those vegetarian stall at coffee shop... This place to have vegetarian food was GREAT! we didn't order much mock meat stuff.. because I don't really fancy mock meat.. As Filipino woman, I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and decors of this place! I would recommend this to my Filipino friends

Anonymous said...

Ate there yesterday. Ordered 3 items to get a taste . Loved it!! Very tasty and filling. Went back up and ordered 2 deserts and a juiced drink. Very good!! Very impressed with the food and the service. They make to order, so it is not quick and stale. Will definitely be back and will recommend to all. The collard wrap on one of my items well received.

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