Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Al Basha

Address: 300 West Bay Area Blvd. Suite 700 (Webster)


Notes: Nice little vegan friendly Mediterranean restaurant on Bay Area Blvd. If you want pita bread, you'll have to ask for the vegan one.


Anonymous said...

is the standard pita bread non-vegan (is the vegan one whole-wheat, or just a custom-made thing)? thanks

Vegan Houston said...

The one they use in the wraps is vegan. The one that they just give you as a side for your vegetable platter isn't. If you want a side of pita bread, just make sure to ask for the one with no milk in it. They showed me the bag, and it's definitely vegan.

s said...

Have been here 4-5 times over the past few months; most of what I've had is good--recommend the tabouleh, fatoush, and felafel.

If you have recommendations or conflicting info, email me at


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